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These bridesmaid dresses are free (US 4 only) Don't ask the reasons,it makes us happy :-)


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7/15/2017 10:44 PM By Echo Weddings,

The tailoring process to make dress is more complicated than you tought.It need many steps-calculate,cut,measure,tailor etc.Let's check the process of this lace wedding dress now.

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6/29/2017 4:25 AM By Echo MisAisleStyle,

All the dress are handmade.Please feel free to check some dresses' detail photos we took.Hope you love the quality we made.

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6/27/2017 2:38 AM By Echo MisAisleStyle,

We are wedding dress factory from Suzhou,China .

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6/22/2017 9:18 PM By Echo MisAisleStyle,