There has been a hot wedding trend that many couples leaning towards smaller, more intimate weddings at which they can spend more quality time with their guests. An intimate wedding is always a smaller wedding with dearest friends invited. A well planned intimate wedding offers multiple ways to get guest more comfortably mingled and interact. Here are some essential elements your should take into consider to get a perfect intimate wedding.

Bar Area

For some way, bar menus and specialty cocktails are a big draw for guest as they will provide natural conversation topics at the wedding party. An authorized wedding survey says that the bar is the best place for guests to mingle , toast and chat. There can’t be an intimate wedding with a comfortable bar place!

Lounge place

With many guests preferring to spend the evening sitting and chatting with old friends and meeting new ones, adding a lounge space to your reception makes perfect sense. Not only do lounges look cool, but your guests will love having a comfortable place to hang out instead of being stuck sitting at their table or awkwardly standing by the bar/food table.


Long table reception

When it comes to the reception, opt for family-style seating. Long tables with seats or backless benches on either side will create both a casual and intimate feel. You’ll get to socialize with more of your guests this way.


Fun wedding entertainment

We love the idea of some extra entertainment like fun games for your wedding cocktail hour to bring out the playfulness in everyone while encouraging people to get to know each other better. These fun entertainment can definitely get your guests happy and relaxed through the whole wedding day.


Photo Booth

Photo Booth is a another great fun way to keep your wedding guests entertained while they’re waiting for their next cocktail. Want more intimate wedding? Make your photo booth bigger!


Kids’s  Area 

If you’ll have children at your wedding reception, it’s essential to create a entertaining space to keep them busy with fun activities while parents are sipping cocktails, giving toasts and catching up.