The moment when you say "I do" ,the wedding background decoration will be the most important thing for your wedding.No matter what kinds of wedding you are going to choose.Here we select some ideas for you.

Generally,these style is our first choice for the normal formal wedding.

wedding backdrop

wedding backdrop idea

For some beach wedding,you also can think about choose palm leaves for the decoration

palm leaves wedding backdrop idea

wedding backdrop idea with palm leaves

wedding arch with palm leaves

And for the boho wedding,how about choose the plumes of pampas grass to match ?

boho wedding idea

wedding backdrop idea with plumes of pampas grass

These are the circle idea for the wedding backdrop.Most of them are suitable for the Spring wedding and Summer wedding,right ?

wedding backdrop with circle idea

wedding background

wedding background idea

wedding backdrop idea

Of course,the color also will be the most important thing to think.Here is the red wedding color idea for you :-)

red wedding backdrop

red wedding arch

red wedding backdrop